Adding Captions to Google Photos Pictures

Google Photos is a free web photo storage, sharing and editing web site. It provides a facility for adding descriptions to images, but these are only visible when the Info screen is shown and for 5 seconds when an image is viewed. Descriptions are not visible in a slideshow display.

Caption Pro allows you to create captions which are always visible from scratch for Google Photos pictures, or to create captions from description information which has been already added.

Creating Captions from Scratch

 The main Google Photos screen is as shown below:


Photos can then be selected and the download option selected:



Selecting Download creates a Zip file of the selected photos called This archive should then be extracted into a folder. The folder can then be opened using Caption Pro and captions added. Not that no description data is included in downloaded files.

These images can then be uploaded to Google Photos via the Upload button:


 After the user has selected the items to upload, Google Photos offers to place the images in an Album. This option may be selected if desired.


After upload, the captioned images appear beside the originals, which can be deleted if desired.


If the Google Photos images have already been added to an album, this can be downloaded as a Zip file and the images processed and uploaded again in the same fashion. The date is used by Google Photos for ordering images in the album is the date on which the photo was taken.  If this is present. If it is not present, the file Modified date is used


Creating Captions from Already Added Descriptions

If descriptions have already been added to Google Photos pictures, these (and other metadata) can be downloaded by saving all of the Google Photos images as a takeout. The download option is accessed via the Data and Personalisation screen in Google Account settings

Clicking download your data allows download from all Google services. Select only Google Photos:

Clicking Create Archive allows the archive to be retrieved in various formats and by various means:

Once the archive file has been obtained, it should be unpacked. The folder will contain a series of subfolders corresponding to dates and manually created album names. Automatically generated albums such as People and Things will not be included. However, if any of these are shared, they will be included in the downloads.

Each of the subfolders contains one or more JPEG files, and each file is accompanied by a .JSON file containing metadata from the Google Photos database, within which is the description information.

Caption Pro can then be used with the Auto-Caption option to add a caption corresponding to the album name, and a sub-caption corresponding to the Description. The data sources for each can be set from the Options screen.

After the caption and sub-caption have been set, the files can be uploaded to Google Photos, where they will be visible as shown earlier.